United Provinces of New Arvor
Provinces-Unies de la Nouvelle Arvor
Timeline: Fidem Pacis

OTL equivalent: Southern United States
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of New Arvor
Location of New Arvor
(and largest city)
Language Lyonnaise
Government Presidential federal republic
  legislature Parlement
President Jean Bouchard
Vice-President Michel Dubois
Area 2,295,392 km²
Population 112,328,046 
Independence from Lyonesse
  declared 17**

The United Provinces of New Arvor is a federal republic located in central Vanaheim, consisting of ten provinces which share their sovereignty with the federal government. It shares borders with Vinland, Quivira and Mexica, and has shores along the Atlantic Ocean, the Mexican Sea and the Hesperidian Sea.

New Arvor began as a set of Lyonnaise colonies along the eastern and southern coasts of Vanaheim. It successfully revolted and made a bid for independence by fighting on the Aquitanian side of the First World War while mainland Lyonesse was occupied.

Initially New Arvor also claimed the Great Plains of modern-day Quivira, and a number of battles were fought between Arvorian settlers and militia and the native Skraeling peoples who wanted to defend their homeland. However, defeat in the Second Albic-Arvorian War forced New Arvor to renounce its claims over the region and recognise the Quiviran Confederacy as its rightful rulers. Quivira existed under Albic protection for a number of years, before being granted full independence in 1878.

Politically and culturally, New Arvor has always been very conservative. It did not abolish slavery until 1895, and attempted to re-introduce it in 1927 when faced with financial crisis as a result of post-Second World War reparations. The federal government backed down on that occasion, but it left bad feelings all around which eventually broke out into inter-racial riots and pogroms during the Third World War. Segregation laws were not ended until 2001.

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