Alternative History
Republic of New Brunswick
Republique du Nouveau-Brunswick
Timeline: Empire of Newfoundland

OTL equivalent: New Brunswick
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language English, French
Demonym New Brunswicker
Government Republic
  legislature Legislative Assembly
President David Alward (PC)
Independence from Newfoundland
  declared 1976
Currency Canadian dollar
Time Zone Atlantic
Calling Code +693, area code 506
Internet TLD .nb
Organizations United Nations, NANP

The Republic of New Brunswick (French: Republique du Nouveau-Brunswick), simply known as New Brunswick, is a country in North America bordered by the United States to the south, Canada and Quebec to the west, and Newfoundland to the east. It was established by democratic referendum in 1976. Upon independence, it opted out of joining the Imperial, and has established a monetary union as well as a neutrality pact with Canada. It is the only country in North America to have both English and French as official languages.

Cold War II

During the second Cold War, New Brunswick, along with Canada, has acted as a neutral mediator and a place of discourse between the United States and Newfoundland, with several important conferences being held in Fredericton.