Alternative History
United States of New England
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and portions of New Brunswick, New York, and Quebec.
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of New England
Location of New England
Dirigo (Latin)
("I direct")
Capital Boston
Other cities Concord, Hartford, Providence
  others French, Irish
Religion Catholic and Methodist
Demonym New Englander
Government Presidential federal republic
  Legislature Congress
President John Kerry
Area 186,459 km²
Population 14,444,865 
Established 1789
Currency Dollar (NED)
Internet TLD .ne

The United States of New England, commonly known as New England, is a North American nation located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. New England was formed shortly after the dissolution of the United States of America, forming a union between Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire — with Rhode Island being admitted years later.

New England borders New Netherland to the southwest, and the United Commonwealth (via Acadia and Canada) to the north and east.


The United States of New England was established in 1789 (about a year after the dissolution of the United States of America). The original three states to form the nation — Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire — agreed to unification as part of the Hartford Convention, and adopting a constitution based on the Federalist Papers. John Adams was elected as the first President.

Within a few months after unification, New England got involved in the Vermont War against New York. During the ongoing war, Rhode Island ratified the constitution and became a state (Rhode Island would later play a role in ending the Vermont War). Within a year after the Vermont War, the Vermont Republic was admitted as a state.

In 1795, New England got involved in a new war in the Northwest Territories — this time against Pennsylvania and Virginia. Relations between New England and Great Britain became more favorable during the war. The Northwest War would end in 1797 with the territory being divided between the three American Republics (with the British jointly occupying New England's claims).

In 1802, New England sold their claims to the Northwest Territory to the United Kingdom, in exchange for New England gaining their desired border in Maine.

Government and Politics

Political Parties

Major Parties
  • Federalist Party — center-left
  • Toleration Party — center-right


States of New England.

The United States of New England is a federation comprised of eight states and a capital district.

Capital Districts

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