New France
1870 –
Flag of France.svg Armoiries.png
"Liberté, égalité, fraternité
("Liberty, equality, brotherhood")
La Marseillaise
New France.png
New France.
Capital Paris
Official language French
Government Republic
Head of state
1974 -
Nicolas Sarkozy
Head of government
1997 -
Prime Minister
François Fillon
Area km² (2007)
Population (2007)
Historical era
Currency Franc

New France is one of the largest hyperpowers in the world, rallying alongside the British Empire and the Russian Empire. At one point the Empire was much larger but due to economical difficulties it had to sell many of its colonies in Asia and the Americas to other countries. Its Empire consists of 4 main sections, the Republic of France, French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa and French Maghreb. It also has the large island of Madagascar of the French coast but that isn't formally a section of the Empire and has only recently began to make a profit to the French Government. The capitals for each of these areas are Paris for the Republic of France, Dakar for West Africa, Brazzaville for Equatorial Africa and Casablanca in the Maghreb.


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