Alternative History


In 1943, the Nazis attack and conquer Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific that belong to the USA. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders all of the US army to fight back, but are overpowered, leading to all of the American Continent being ruled by the Nazis and soon after that, the world!

The Nazis attack the Pacific[]

On December 8th, 1943; during World War II, Hitler ordered a large army of Nazi soldiers to attack many small islands in the Pacific Ocean that belonged to the United States of America. A week later, the Nazis easily took over Pearl and Hermes Atoll and two days later, all of Hawaii. Most of the American troops at the time were already in Germany, so when President Franklin D. Roosevelt heard about this, he had little to do about this but order the few soldiers that weren't already in Germany to take back the islands. The American soldiers were outnumbered and destroyed.

Retreat from Germany[]

On January 27th, at the very beginning of 1944, the troops still in Germany had to return to America. Leaving the rest of Europe unprotected and easily conquered by the Germans. All of Europe is renamed New Germany but the original Germany, which keeps it's old name. Most of the American army was crushed by the Nazis and remained that way for about two months, until the Germans struck the USA itself for the first time.

The take-over of North America[]

The remaining United States army was little of a match for the Nazis, the battle between the Germans and the US lasted for only one year until America was officially defeated. It soon became a part of the growing New Germany. On March 19th, 1945 Mexico and South America both surrendered and became part of New Germany. Then, on October 10th, 1946 the Nazis then attempted to take over Canada, this led to a war with the Soviets too, which became the longest battle between the Germans and another country.

The Soviet-Nazi War[]

War was declared with the Russians on November 4th, 1946, while the Germans where fighting the Canadians because Soviets believed that the Germans were becoming a threat to them. They also thought that it would be best to strike when they were already engaged in war with another country. The Canadians had lost quickly to the Nazis, having no protection. However, the war with the Soviets lasted for 14 years. The Germans had created armies of slaves of war from the people of the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America. The Soviet Union had taken the German's captives into Russia to stay until the war was over. With most of the captives freed and in Russia. The Soviets had ended the war by dropping nukes all over places in Germany and New Germany destroying all of the Nazis, including Hitler. The survivors were returned to their countries.