On May 14, 1948 Israel declared itself a nation. Unfortunately it would be a short lived nation. The next day armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen as well as Holy war army and Arab Liberation army invaded the newly formed nation of Israel.


May 14 1948 Jewish leadership led by Ben-Gurion declared Israel a nation.

May 15-? 1948 Over the next few days, approximately 1,000 Lebanese, 5,000 Syrian, 5,000 Iraqi, and 10,000 Egyptian troops invaded the newly-established state. Four thousand Jordanian troops invaded the Corpus separatum region encompassing Jerusalem and its environs, as well as areas designated as part of the Arab state by the UN partition plan. They were aided by corps of volunteers from Saudi Arabia, Libya and Yemen. The Arab states publicly proclaimed their aim of creating a "United State of Palestine" and maintained that the absence of legal authority made it necessary to intervene to protect Arab property and lives.Israel, the United States and the Soviet Union called the Arab states' entry into Palestine illegal aggression.

May 26 1948 the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is established. There strength was 29,677 troops.

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