Alternative History
新イスラエル国家(Xinnisurayeru kokka)
מדינת ישראל החדשה (Medinat Yisra’el Hehhadasha)
State of New Israel
NI Flag (Toyotomi).png
Official Languages Japanese, Hebrew
Capital New Jerusalem
Emperor Tôfito
Prime Minister?
Currency Sheqel

New Israel is a member-state of the Federation of Japanese States consisting of the island of Bandjiman and the southeastern corner of the continent of Xinnoranda. It is predominantly Jewish.


In 1704, the newly-appointed Quampaku Toyotomi Fidefiro granted to a group of Jews living in Japan a colony in the province of Xinnoranda. They were granted the southern island of Bandjiman and territory to its north, which became named New Israel (Xinnisurayeru). The reasons for Fidefiro's decision are uncertain. According to one story, a Jewish doctor had saved his life during a childhood illness. Another story has it that his mother was Jewish. Still a third story claims that he secretly converted to Judaism in his youth. Still a fourth simply claims that the Jewish petitioners simply paid him off.

Most historians today believe that it was a combination of factors, chief among them being a desire to populate the continent, combined with a lack of ingrained anti-semitism among the Japanese.

While all of Australia was open to Jewish settlement, Jewish autonomy extended only to the boundaries of the New Israel colony, and thus, most of the Jewish immigration was focused there.


New Israel is governed as a parliamentary republic.


The currency of New Israel is the Sheqel divided into 100 agorot (sg. agora). The Sheqel is pegged to the Xinnorandan momme at a rate of 1:1


  • 5 agorot
  • 10 agorot
  • 20 agorot
  • 50 agorot
  • 1 sheqel
  • 2 sheqel
  • 5 sheqel


  • 10 sheqel
  • 20 sheqel
  • 50 sheqel
  • 100 sheqel