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Docks on the shore of the river

New Otumba, ancient New Orleans; French: La Nouvelle-Orléans is a major Aztec port city and the largest city in the Mississippi province. New Otumba is the center of the Greater New Otumba metropolitan area, the largest metro area in the state.
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XVIII century building in New Otumba, with classical Aztec architecture elements

New Otumba is located in southeastern Mississippi, straddling the Mississippi River. Lake Xocotuztli, part of which is included in the city limits, lies to the north, and Lake Tonantzin lies to the east.

The city is named after Philippe II, Duc d'Orléans, Regent of France. After buying it from France, the Aztecs renamed the city "New Otumba." It is well known for its multicultural and multilingual heritage (with French, English and Nahuatl as principal languages), cuisine, architecture, music.

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