New Socialist Party of Russia
Новая Социалистическая Партия России
First Secretary and President of Russia Gennady Zyuganov
Deputy Secretary Ivan Melnikov
Vice President of Russia Yury Afonin
Parliamentary Leader Vladimir Kashin
Founded 14 February 1989; 31 years ago
Headquarters Saint Petersburg, Russia
Youth wing Young Socialists' League of Russia
Membership  (2016) 2,953,800
Ideology Socialism
Left-wing populism
International affiliation Socialism International
European Parliament Group European United Left–Nordic Green Left
Official colours      Red
Seats in the State Duma
286 / 500
15 / 25
Seats in the State Legislatures
3,068 / 6,285

The New Socialist Party of Russia (NSPR; Russian: Новая Социалистическая Партия России; НСПР; Novaya Sotsialisticheskaya Partiya Rossii) is a socialist political party in Russia. In the recent presidential election, the NSPR for the first time won the presidency, with their nominee and First Secretary Gennady Zyuganov narrowly achieving victory. The New Socialists also hold the majority of seats in the State Duma; 15 of the 26 State Governors are also New Socialists.

The NSPR was founded in 1989 by former members of the then-dominant United Russia Party, which had evolved from the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Many of the NSPR's founders felt that United Russia had lost touch with its socialist roots, and that it was gravitating towards the right and capitalism. The NSPR first gained prominence in the 1993 Transcaucasian gubernatorial election, when New Socialist candidate Eduard Shevardnadze won the governorship by a landslide. From then on, the NSPR slowly garnered support, especially in the western, more ethnically diverse states. However, it did not present a significant challenge to United Russia until 2008, when Zyuganov ran for president for the first time.

President-elect Gennady Zyuganov is the first President to come from the New Socialist Party. He is also the first President in Russian history to not be a member of the United Russia Party or the RSDLP.

The party's stated goal is to establish a new, modernised form of socialism in Russia. Immediate goals of the party include the nationalisation of natural resources, agriculture, and large industries within the framework of a mixed economy that allows for the growth of small and medium enterprises in the private sector. President Zyuganov has also pledged to raise taxes for the rich to fund the education and health sectors.

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