Alternative History

Flag of New Vestfold.

New Vestfold (Russian: Новый Вестфолл, Novyy Vyestfoll) is a region which comprises of eastern New Devon. The region is dominated by Russian-speakers (known as the Russophone) and was historically part of the Russian Empire. The region was absorbed into the British Empire in the 1920s as a result of the collapse of the Russian Empire. The region was combined with Cooksland, New Somerset, and South Virginia to form the Dominion of New Devon in 1928.

Throughout the Cold War, the Russophone was heavily discriminated in New Devon. Most Russian-speaking citizens were purged from voting in elections, discriminated form speaking Russian and practicing Eastern Orthodoxy, and were generally segregated from the population as a whole. This period came to an end in the mid 1980s, culminating in the independence of New Devon and its reformation as a liberal republic.

The region is comprised of four provinces. The largest city within New Vestfold is Davis, which also constitutes the largest concentration of English-speakers in the region. Other groups to live in the region include Chinese, Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians.
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