New World Democracy


New World Democracy is an Alt-history where a politically unknown Joshua William Harrison wins the 2008 election bringing about changes that places the United States of America on the brink of economic prosperity once again. It also brings about the addition of four new states to the union as well as three new amendments to the constitution.

Point of Diversion

In 1994 following Oklahoma Gov. David Walters convictions of misdemeanor election violations. 32 year old High School History teacher Joshua William Harrison ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for Governor of Oklahoma in 1994 losing to eventual winner Frank Keating. From that first attempt at the Governors office Harrison went of to become the Mayor of his home town to the Governors office and then the presidency. Harrison a fiscal conservative republican cares more about the fiscal stability of the United States and its this desire to place the United States on a more stable platform that led Harrison to run for president.

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