Alternative History
State of New York
Official language English
Capital Albany
Governor Eliot Spitzer
Area 54,835 sq mi
142,023 sq km
Independence 1776 (declared)
1783 (recognized)
Currency New York Dollar

The State of New York is a member of the United States of America. It is nearly identical to *here*'s New York, with the sole exception of including the Erie Triangle.

New York has long been friendly toward the British and considered rejoining the Empire in a manner similar to their neighbor, the Union of New England in the early 19th century, but ultimately remained sovereign. The Chief Executive retains the title governor due to New York's historically strong American Unity sentiments.

New York City, while still large *there*, is not quite as large as *here*. The Erie canal having been delayed *there*, Montréal, in Lower Canada, took the lead.

New York supported Abraham Lincoln during the Virginian Civil War.