Alternative History
State of New Zealand
Flag of New Zealand Coat of arms of New Zealand
Flag Coat of arms
Nickname(s): The Sunshine State
Motto(s): Audax at Fidelis (Latin)
Bold but Faithful
Official language(s) English
Demonym New Zealander
(and largest city)
Area Ranked 1st
 – Total 1,852,642 km2
Population Ranked 4th
 – Total 6.05 million
Before statehood Province of New Zealand
Admission to Federation 23 May 1792 (5th)
Governor Jeanette Young
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (L)
Deputy Premier Steven Miles (L)
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Senators Amanda Stoker (N)
Pauline Hanson (ON)
Fraser Anning (CN)
Jenny McAllister (L)
House delegation List
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10)
Abbreviations NZ
Internet TLD .nz

New Zealand is a Cygnian state located in the northeast of the Cygnian mainland. With an area of 1.85 million km2, it is the largest state by area, and it is also the 4th-most populous at 6.05 million. It is bordered by Darwin to the west, Avon to the southwest, New Albion to the south, and, across the Torres Strait, to the north by the New Guinea. To the east lies the Pacific Ocean.