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This ATL explores a possible successful, more ambitious French colonization in the NZ South Island finally leading to a French South and an English North Island.

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On August 2nd, 1838 Captain Jean François L'Anglois, then the master of the French whaler Cachalot, reportedly purchased a block of land on Banks Peninsula, NZ defined as "All Banks Peninsula, with the exception of the Bay of Hikuraki and Oihioa on the south, and Sandy Bay north of Port Cooper; the supposed contents 30,000 acres."

The Nanto-Bordelaise Compagnie, founded to take possession of the area for France, also attracted the attention of King Louis Philippe who took an interest in it, thus giving the organisation a higher profile and official recognition.

A dramatic last minute race between the French Naval frigate Aube and the British Naval sloop Britomart had been acted out down the length of the East coast of New Zealand. On his arrival in New Zealand, Commodore Lavaud (of the AUBE) had called at the Bay of Islands to honour the resident Lieutenant-Governor, Captain Hobson. That this was a mark of respect there can be no doubt, but it also drew attention to the purpose for his presence in the new colony. Whilst Commodore Lavaud remained in the Bay of Islands, Governor Hobson issued orders that Captain Stanley of the HMS Britomart make all haste south to Akaroa and "show the flag".

August 10th, 1840: Captain Stanley of the British Naval sloop HMS Britomart arrives in the Harbour of Akaroa and sets up the BRitish flag BEFORE the arrival of the French Frigate AUBE.

SO Captain Stanley achieved the goal and saved both the French and British Governments embarrassment and potential awkward conflict.



NOvember 15th, 1839 King Louis Philippe invites Captain L'Anglois to a personal audience. L'Anglois, keen to reassure himself a place in history proposes a plan to not only send one ship of colonists but to assign a small flotilla and army contigent to claim and secure a new French Colony in the South. Louis accepts and offers L'Anglois the position of Colony Governor under the condition the colony will endure 2 years in New Zealand. So Louis assigns a regiment of 860 soldiers aboard 5 military ships, equipped with artillery and cavalry to set sail to New Zealand. The route and the real intention are to be hid fom the British. So, on March 18th,a flotilla left officially for French Polynesia, taking the opposite course as the colonial ship "Comte de Paris".


August 10th, 1840:

Captain Stanley of the British Naval sloop HMS Britomart arrives in the Harbour of Akaroa at the Bank's Peninsula to sight the French Naval frigate "Aube" having set anchor and the French flag having been set up ashore claiming French sovereignty above the surrounding area. Confused what to do now he cruises in Akaroa Harbour for two days. Then the secretly approaching flotilla arrives. The Britomart tries to escape the French Naval vessels, but is sunk after a brief fire exchange.Captain Stanley is captured and brought aboard the flagship.


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