Kingdom of New Zeeland
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of New Zeeland (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Dutch, Luxembourgois
Queen Charlotta
Chief Minister Abraham Dijkstra
Population 778,800 
Currency LXG

New Zeeland is one of the semi-autonomous kingdoms of the United Kingdoms of the Netherlands. It is formed of the large island of New Zeeland plus various smaller and generally uninhabited islands, and lies to the south of the United Maori States. The capital is Elizabethstad and the population is around 779,000.

First inhabited by Polynesian tribes from Tonga during the 13th century, the native Maori lived in virtual isolation until discovery by the Tawantinsuyu in the 1650s. Eager trading partners, the Tawantinsuyu would eventually supply gunpowder and muskets to its favoured tribes in the mid 1700s after they complained trade was been stolen by their neighbours. This would, as it did in many other Roasjoinn nations, spark the long and vicious 'Musket Wars' as the tribes used the new weapons to escalate their already bloody internecine feuds.

Luxembourgois sailors operating out of Singapore discovered the Maori islands, or 'New Anglia and New Zeeland', in 1860. While the island to the north (see United Maori States) had stopped its musket war before it was too late, the south continued, and coupled with occasional smallpox epidemics it left the island and its inhabitants extremely isolated and weak. Blocked from occupying most of Australia as it had planned Luxembourg soon eagerly devoured the southern island.

Finding gold on the island, a wave of settlers, mainly Dutch, arrived to take advantage of the spacious and empty land. These days most of its economy is reliant on agriculture and mining. However poor management of invasive species has driven several flightless bird species such as the kiwi and kakapo to extinction.

The capital, Elizabethstad, was struck by various earthquakes in 2010, 2011 and 2012 that have damaged the city severely. The entire territory is gearing up towards its reconstruction.

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