New Zeppelin Company
Former type Corporation
Founded 1992
Headquarters Berlin, Prussia
Industry Aerospace
Product Airships
Divisions Zeppelin Engineworks, Zeppelin Aerospace Fuels

The New Zeppelin Company is based in the Kingdom of Prussia and is the world's premier Airship manufacturer who design craft based on Pre-Doomsday designs.

One of the major markets is Lufthansa which is Prussia's national airline.

Besides passenger ships, cargo ships are built. These can carry cargo and are favored over trucks or conventional airplanes due to there low fuel consumption and the lack of maintained roadways for some routes. Most airships produced by the New Zeppelin Company are fueled by Blau gas, which is a non-explosive artificial gas similar in density to air that produces no carbon monoxide when burned.


The New Zeppelin Company's airships based on the design of the original Graf Zeppelin, albeit with various modifications due to the difference in technology between early-twentieth century Germany and post-Doomsday Prussia, and the Company's efforts to avoid the design flaws that led to the fiery ends of the twentieth century airships. However, the difference are far exceeded by the similarities. The airships, which are the classic 'cigar' shape are constructed from a combination of aluminium and duralumin (an alloy of aluminium and copper) due to both metals being both lightweight and non-sparking, characteristics which are vital when building an airship filled with very flammable gas.

Product Lines


Zeppellin NT amk

a 1/8th Prototype of a NZ-1 Zeppelin

Gas: Hydrogen

Fuel: Blau Gas

Passenger Capacity: 50

Propulsion: 5 BMW engines giving a top speed of 100 km/hr


Gas: Hydrogen

Fuel: Blau Gas

Passenger Capacity: 100

Propulsion: 6 BMW engines giving a top speed of 120 km/hr



An NZ-3 at Berlin International Airport.

Gas: Helium

Fuel: Blau Gas

Passenger Capacity: 150

Propulsion: 7 Mercedes Benz engines giving a top speed of 140 km/hr

NZ-C1 Cargo Class


NZ-C1 on a cargo run across the Baltic.

Gas: Helium

Fuel: Blau Gas

Cargo Capacity: 1000T

Propulsion: Four NZC Direct Injection Blau-Gas engines allowing top speeds of 150 km/hr

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