Alternative History
King Nicholas II of Bosnia
King of Bosnia

King of Bosnia
Reign 17 January 1887 – 20 March 1889 (12 years)
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Office disestablished
Born 4 January 1847
Died 20 March 1899 (aged 52)
Issue none
House House of Dadiani
Father David Dadiani
Mother Ekaterina Chavchavadze
Religion Georgian Orthodox Christianity

Nicholas II Dadiani of Bosnia (January 4, 1847- March 20, 1889) was an Georgian Noble who was elected King of Bosnia in 1887 after the Bosnian Rebellion of 1886. he was supported by the Russians and was given the throne in turn for Russian military support.

Russian Life

Niko Dadiani was born in Zugdidi, Mingrelia's capital, in 1847. Niko was six years old in August 1853 when his father died, and he became Prince of Mingrelia as an autonomous subject of the Russian Empire. With the approval of Tsar Nicholas I, Niko was placed under the regency of his mother, Princess Ekaterina; the Russian bureaucrat Kornely Borozdin was assigned to him as a tutor. The regency council also included Niko's paternal uncles, Grigol and Konstantin.

Niko remained in St. Petersburg, enjoying the favor of the imperial family even after his mother hurried home due to a peasant revolt in Mingrelia in May 1857. The revolt was exploited by the Russian government as a pretext to recall Princess Ekaterina back to St. Petersburg and to place the hitherto autonomous principality under a provisional Russian administration. Niko Dadiani was then sent for further education in Paris. On his return, Niko, persuaded to accept a fait accompli, renounced his hereditary title of Prince Regnant of Mingrelia on 4 January 1867.


Nicholas’s initial years showed promise that Bosnia might keeps this independence. He established the BRA, Bosnian Railroad association which built the Transnational Railway and greatly improved infrastructure. After a decade on the throne the king even started to improve relations with Austria-Hungary.

Death and Aftermath