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Welcome to the Portal Page for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game. This page includes all the information you need to begin posting on this map game in the tutorial section below.

Night of the Living Alternate History, is a map game about teamwork, zombies, warfare, and leading your makeshift country to controlling the remnants of the old world. On October 1, 1968 George A. Romero released the film, Night of the Living Dead. Today it is viewed as the beginning of zombies on the big screen, but what if that’s not all it inspired? In this map game we explore what would happen if a group of scientists decided to recreate some of the effects detailed in this movie...
Even if it means the death of thousands of people.

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Holy Roman War

See: Holy Roman War (Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game)

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806)

The Holy Roman War, also known by the Scandinavians as the Nordic War, or the German-Nordic Conflict, was a major conflict that began in 1992. The war was fought primarily between Scandinavia and the Holy Roman Empire, led by Austria.

The war began when Scandinavia invaded the province of Schleswig-Holstein to annex the nation of Nordic Germany, which declared its independence from Scandinavia's influence earlier that year.


Getting Started

Although it might seem like there is a lot of rules surrounding this game, it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. Navigate to the Night of the Living Alternate History map page to view the current game so far. This page is where the actual game is played. Each day at 21:00 UTC a new turn begins, and people will begin posting the actions their nations will do.

When playing a map game each player claims a nation, and posts what they do as that nation. The first step to begin playing is picking a nation. Look through the available options in the nations section of the map page. Find a nation that you know about, or think would have fun playing as. If you have questions about what each nation is, contact Mscoree, or another game moderator, and they will be happy to answer your question. On some nations you can learn some backstory by reading the Pre-Apocalypse Timeline, which details so of the events leading up to the start of the game.

When you have a nation in mind, click edit at the top of the page and next to the nation you want to play as, write “~ ~ ~ ~". That’s right, four tildes. This piece of wiki code simply adds your username next to the space. Now click publish and your edit will be added.

Making Your First Post

Now that you have a nation selected, when you feel ready to make your first post, do so by writing underneath the last person, with your nation in bold, a colon, and your nation actions. See below:

Example nation: Stuff. Blah blah blah.

Read so other existing posts to get a general idea of how to make a post. Usually diplomacy (trade, communication, allies, etc) is added to the bottom of your post, and bolded. To respond to a nation’s diplomacy you write it as a bullet point, like so:

France: Asks for alliance with Spain.

  • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept.

By following these simple formatting rules, posts are a lot easier to read. When making posts, we recommend researching your nation, both in real life and in the game timeline. Feel free to contact a moderator if you want to know how your nation has been faring so far in the game. We also recommend writing out your posts beforehand, then copying and pasting them in during the turn. Try to spend as little time editing the map page as possible, since many other people will be adding their turns as well, and it might create an edit conflict. Please be advised, when pasting your post, please do so in source mode. If you paste it from somewhere else into visual, it will be messed up horribly.

Playing the Game

Make sure you are creative and plausible when making your posts, and remember to have fun. It’s not all about being incredibly powerful and instantly destroying attackers. If you would like to read more about the rules of the game, please read the rules section, which details all rules and algorithms used in the game.

Good Luck!


  • When you first start out it may be wise to close your borders to the outside world. If the zombies are already among your people, get to work getting rid of them!
  • Every two turns you can upgrade your military, industry, or navy, from the original score of one, plus 0.25. To upgrade write about improving one of these areas in your turn, then write, “Because of this large military build up, our military increases to 1.25,” or something similar. This better score will help you in the war algorithm
  • Watch your stability. Your stability determines whether or not you’re in a gold age, or on the verge of civil war. Rapid conquest, upgrading, random events, natural disasters, and zombie outbreaks can all lower your stability.

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