Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Kenai, Alaska
Map of Nikolayevsk
Skyline of Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky.
Country Flag of Alaska (Russian America).svg Alaska
Governorate Flag of Kenai (Russian America).svg Kenai
Uyezd Nikolayevsk Uyezd
Russian (de facto)
  others Dena'ina, English, German
Eastern Orthodox
  others Lutherans, Old Believers
Ethnic groups
  others Aleuts, Dena'inas, Germans
Founded 1780s

Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky (Russian: Николаевск-Американский), known colloquially as Nikolayevsk, is the largest city in Kenai and the fifth-largest city in Alaska. Located on the Kenai Gulf coast, the city is one of the oldest trading posts of Russian America. During the late 19th Century, Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky competed against New Archangel and Nooshagak for economic superiority in northern Alaska.

The early to mid 20th Century would see a decline of Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky, coming about due to the Alaskan Wars and the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964. The city saw a resurrection beginning in the 1970s, eventually surpassing New Archangel as the largest city on the Gulf of Alaska. Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky gained international attention in 1994 when the city hosted the Winter Olympics.

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