Alternative History


PODs: In 1960 Nixon is elected and over the next few years he starts a war that will change the world. The second POD is the Bay of Pigs Invasion becomes a war between Cuba and America when actual Americans are sent to fight in Cuba and when the Soviets ask for Nixon to back down he doesn't and tensions build. From these two PODs a new world war arises and the earth is never the same. A third POD is that Kennedy chooses Henry M. Jackson and along with this simple events help Nixon pull through in the election.

The Election[]

When Eisenhower decides to make that joke at a press conference about Nixon, the VP's leads increases. Nixon also earlier decided not to visit every state but visit Texas and Illinois constantly to help gain more support and ensure victory. Also Nixon's running mate does not mention the naming a black man to his cabinet thing and Nixon therefore gains more votes. In the first televised debate Nixon decides to not campaign before the event and also wears make up and he goes on to take every debate except the last which is considered a draw. On election day arrives Nixon is seen to have a small lead and in Texas he is holding on to a slim lead that could be lost any minute. He also gains leads in Illinois and exit polls show him as the victor. As people go to bed, Nixon celebrates a victory of a lifetime.

The Inauguration[]

In Nixon’s speech he simply talks of his promises and promising an American victory in the Space Race and the Cold War.

Nixon’s Presidency (1961-1966)[]

Nixon’s presidency saw the deaths of many and a war that would destroy everything we thought we knew.


As communist rebellions begin in Africa, Nixon’s plate becomes full quickly with constant international hot spots arising. While having to deal with China now being separate from the Soviets he tries to get some kind of relationship with the communist Chinese. Nixon meanwhile decides to enhance the Eisenhower administration’s plan to have Cuban exiles to invade Cuba by having over 10,000 American soldiers be a part of the invasion. On April 15 the soldiers and exiles are prepared and on April 17th the invasion begins with surprising success and when the weather becomes clear air strikes damage Cuba greatly. Castro has his army mobilized but is surprised by the soldiers and many initially flee but return to fight after death threats as a battle begins for Cuba. The next day the Soviets demand the Americans leave immediately but Nixon refuses. The Soviets are angered and begin to mobilize troops for a possible war. In Cuba the Cubans begin to make a push but when an additional 10,000 join the Americans along with numerous air strikes and arrival of tanks and blockade of the island by American warships the Cubans are falling back to Havana and other major cities or big towns. The next day Cuba declares war on America and the US returns the favor. The Soviets begin to secretly send supplies to Cuba through submarines but many are stopped and turned around by American destroyers. The Soviets then call for peace talks by threatening war with the US and NATO but Nixon again is stubborn and calls their bluff but the Soviet Union still doesn’t back down. By May the war is still raging with American casualties on the rise. At home Nixon adopts one of Kennedy’s ideas and promises the American people that he will have a man on the moon by the end of the decade. They also rush their aid plan of Alliance for Progress to Latin America to help secure non-Socialist regimes. As the Soviet’s ally Cuba continues to fight on the Soviets begin to build up forces in Asia and Europe especially in Berlin where the enemy is next door. They also begin to construct the Berlin Wall in May to secure further security. Meanwhile Nixon begins to have ICBM's sent to Turkey in case of war with the Soviets starting in June. When Khrushchev calls for a meeting Nixon refuses and tensions build up further. Months go by as little progress is made in Cuba or in Europe and Nixon’s approval rating slowly drops to less than 50%. On October 31 the Soviets test the Tsar Bomba which is the most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever tested with an explosive yield of 50 megatons. Within the coming weeks American troops are arriving in West Berlin, West Germany, the UK, Alaska, Florida, American-occupied Cuba and other bases around the world. As the year ends American casualties rise to around 2,000 and many call for an end to the war but Nixon refuses as soon calls for impeachment come from the public and in Congress.