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The 602 timeline has one major POD: The 602-628 war between Byzantium and Persia does not occur.


  • 602 AD. A plot ready to murder Emperor Maurice has been revealed in Constantinople. The Emperor had Phocas, the leader of the plot cut in half However, tensions on the eastern border were growing and they were about to escalate in December, but the Emperor together with Khosrau II. of Persia acted promptly. They declared the border in Syria sacro-sanct and declared peace and alliance between the two great empires as their common goal.
  • 603 AD Armenias borders were extended southwards  to create a functional buffer state.
  • 627-AD Persia and Byzantium recognize the Arabs as a threat and agree to work together.
  • 633AD - Battle of al-Qadisiyyah: The Persian empire, together with a small Byzantine and Armenian Contingent defeat the Arab armies.
  • 634 AD- The Byzantine Syrian Army defeats the western jihad army at Ajnadayn
  • 637 AD The Persians occupy the eastern coast of arabia. Meanwhile, Byzantines launch an attack on Medina
  • 641 AD The war in the Hejaz  favors the Arabs. Byzantines call their forces from Northern Africa  to take Medinah
  • 643-AD Egypt and Africa (tunisia) gain autonomy as a reward for their participation.
  • 7th Century: Byzantines conquer Spoleto and mainain their defences on the lower Danube (OTL Bulgaria). However the interior of the Balkans was conquered by Slavs. Meanwhile, Visigoths conquer southern Spain.
  • 8th century- Byzantines  reconquer northern Serbia and Dalmatia.Beneventum becomes their vassal.Meanwhile, the Visigothic Spain collapsed, with Byzantines taking Baetica and the rest divded into quarelling states. The Frankish empire conquers northern Italy.
  • 9th Century: Byzantines and Persians fight each other: meanwhile, Magyars settle in the lower Danube and Serbs unify much of the Balkans.
  • 10th century  The Slovak kingdom in the central Danube becomes Byzantiums major ally against Magyars in Wallachia. Meanwhile, Byzantines overrun the southern half of Spain, while a state of Leon controls the northwest.
  • 11th century- Byzantines crush the Serbs in the Balkans,The Turko-Mongols overthrow Sassanid Persia and seize the Levant. The Crusades against the Mongols begin.Meanwhile Egypt becomes independent
  • 12th Century. Serbia regains independence.Rumelian and Anatolian Turks attack the Byzantines
  • 13th Century- The quarelling Turkic states have been overthrown and incorporated  into Byzantium, Beatica and Africa become independet.
  • 14th century. Large national states emerge, Syria becomes independent.A new Persia emerges, ruled by a Nestorian dynasty. Romania (Byzantium) conquers Serbia
  • 15th Century- The major rivals -The Hispanic Realm and Romania face each other in open war. Kipchaks convert to Syriac Christianity
  • 16th centruy- Romania conquers Syria and North Africa,Russo-Kipchak war
  • 18th century- Collapse of the Hispanic realm. Rumelia (OTL Lower Danube) declares independence
  • 1792-1799 Levantine war : Persia , Syriac insurgents, Coptic insurgents, France versus Romania and Britain- defeat of Romania, creation of and independent Syria (French vassal) and Egypt. Persia gains all east of the Euphrates-Aras line.
  • 19th century: Romanian crisis: independence of Serbia, Rum (Anatolia) and other parts of the empire., supported by France.
  • World War 1: Britain, Prussia, Romania, Kipchak, Castille vs France,Poland, Austria, Russia, Serbia ,Syria, Rumelia, Persia.
  • World War2 
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