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Ten Days' Campaign (No Belgium)

A successful Dutch invasion

In 1831, the Belgian Revolution concluded with the independence of the Kingdom of Belgium from the Netherlands. The most important event in the war would probably have been the Ten Days' Campaign; the campaign had the Dutch conquering several major Belgian-controlled cities, leaving the Belgians nearly defeated, until they decided to ask for French support. With the French at their side, a ceasefire took place, and the Dutch failed to suppress the revolution. Belgium was officially declared independent and recognized in 1839.

In this timeline, the French decide not to intervene in the revolution. The Dutch are successful in their efforts during the campaign, arresting major revolutionaries and put down the revolution. During the peace talks with local leaders, the Dutch and French agreed to split the Belgian region in half, along linguistic and religious boundaries. France gained Wallonia, the predominantly French-speaking region, to the dismay of the great powers of Europe.

What will happen in a world with No Belgium?

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