In the year 1972 in our timeline, the American government passed a law stating that tobacco can not be advertised on television. However, in this alternative universe, this law was narrowly defeated. As of result of this, tobacco is advertised on television (and eventually the Internet) through the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Cigarette sales rose instead of dropped and the NASCAR Winston Cup remains the NASCAR Winston Cup to this present day (2007). As a result:

  • Juan Pablo Montoya never leaves Formula 1; as Roman Catholics do not believe in advertising a "dangerous" drug like tobacco
  • lung cancer beats all other cancers as the #1 leading cause of death for all people in North America regardless of gender
  • people who would watch the NASCAR under our timeline's NEXTEL Cup banner (a cell phone company) would refuse to watch a sports event sponsored by "big tobacco"
  • cigarette commercials dominate the advertising between NASCAR races; this stigma keeps it generally within a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) male population, as opposed to a more diverse audience it would get if sponsored by an alternative industry


  • 1972 - a motion to ban the television advertising of tobacco is defeated
  • 1994 - Kyle Petty builds 1992 and 1993 with a 6th place run in points with one win.
  • 1995 - Bill Elliott's No Fear Racing is released for the Sega Genesis video game console system
  • 2000 - Due to the prosperous tobacco industry of Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, there is no need to merge the townships into a single-tier municipality. Each township keeps a separate mayor and town council to the present day
  • 2003 - a bid for the NEXTEL company to gain sponsorship over NASCAR is narrowly defeated by a renewed contract with the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the maker of Winston cigarettes
  • 2006 - Formula One star Juan Pablo Montoya protests against the "NASCAR tobacco propaganda machine." He is laughed by the American press for being a "foreigner who tries to tell NASCAR what to do."
  • 2006 - Delhi, Ontario, Canada becomes the exclusive "official growing spot" of tobacco for Winston cigarettes
  • 2007 - The Winston Cup (and the tobacco industry) reaches its most profitable year in 30 years
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