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North America in this timeline

THE CURRENT YEAR IN THIS TIMELINE IS 2017 story by Donnie Thorson (writer for nursing home rent) CE writers Project Room( CE-4);243 South Grove Mora MN 55051-CE4

  • 1777: 13 colonies dreaming of independence, fight alone for it, without help from France, Spain or the Netherlands. They win independence in 1786, but the war is hard, and later, the United States government and citizens do not agree to the idea of Manifest Destiny, and don´t run to the west of North America, the original 13 United States still be just 13 in the east coast of North America and does not (try or obtain) the Treaty of Paris in 1783 Because France figures a Larger USA would be less dependent on France Alliance> America does not expand westward and only makes small strategic gains along its borders: gaining land on both sides of the Mississippi River; and buying Florida and Cuba from Spain.

So the United States is neutral and peaceful like Switzerland, going deep in business with everybody, but the regional and global wars still run the world, a world with a real industrial and economically focused America, whose motto is capitali$m; including a land office bu$ine$$ helping immigrants to move to the other American nations..





13 British colonies in North America declare their independence as the United States of America.




France, the Netherlands, and Spain, who were at war with Britain,refuse support to the U.S.




Canada declares its independence.




Quebec declares its independence.




Treaty of Paris ratified. Recognises Canada, Quebec, and the U.S. as independent but stipulates that they must remain neutral in international affairs.

== Problems World Wide == (not by Donnie)

In this timeline there has yet to be a Communist state. This means that there's no failed Communist state to point to and say "see it doesn't work, just look at them". This means radical Communism is gaining favor in some European nations, particularly Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, and Mexico.

Nuclear weapons where dismissed as they could destroy the world. This does not mean that there are no nukes, just only a few nations have a couple stashed away.

Neo-Paganism is picking up speed in a few nations, mostly in Greece, which is a problem due to its state religion of Greek Orthodox Christianity. Militant Atheism, which aims to destroy religion, is gaining strength in the Northern US in response to evangelical Christianity in the South.

Every nation has its own problems that threaten to break into all-out war, the planet is at the brink, right before this occurs.


North America


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