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An alternate historical book series that would have been if there had been no nuclear war in 1983. An account of the events after disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1989 (book "New Russia"), civil war in Yugoslavia in 1990-1997 (book "Balkan syndrome") and other events in parallel world.

The 'No Doomsday' alternate history book series was written by German-ethnic Transylvanian authors and couple Herta Müller and Richard Wagner. It explains a world where the tragic event known as Doomsday never happened. It is highly known in the ANZC and ADC countries, though critics suggest that literature like this would be unhealthy for the reader.


Following books have been written by Wagner and Müller:

New Russia (1993) - story about post-Soviet democratic Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in August 19, 1989.

Balkan Syndrome (1993) - about civil war in Yugoslavia in 1990-1997.

America, stand up (1995) - book about USA after the ending of Cold War

Dark Dragon (1998) - book about People's Republic of China after the Cold War.

Russian Revenge (2004) - about policy of new Russian president

European Platform (2006) - about European Union, who established in 1990.

Operation Liberation (2008) - about American war in Afghanistan

Rise of Russia (2009) - about Russia in 21st century

Caucasian Syndrome (2010) - about Caucasian conflict after 1994.

The Inevitable (2014) - about an alternate Third World War in 2014, but without nuclear weapons.

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