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Approximately 12,000 years ago, Paleoamericans traveled across the massive land bridge connecting Asia and North America, Beringia. This migration led to settlements in North America until Europeans started colonizing the land. The Natives, who had thousands of years of knowledge of the land, farming and hunting, helped the Europeans survive and let their colonies prosper.

But what if higher temperatures 12,000 years ago caused Beringia to melt before the Paleoamericans ever crossed it? What if there was No Native America?

Major Differances

Chukchee Family

A Chukchee Family

The first major differance, is pretty obvious, is that there are no Natives to the Western Hemisphere . The second, less obvious effect, is that most of the OTL Native American tribes are settled along the Pacific coast, such as the Chukchee tribe in eastern Siberia.

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