Ramsgate, England | November, 1835

Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfield, Duchess of Kent, stood over her dying daughter. Princess Victoria of Hanover, the fifteen-year-old heir apparent of the British throne, had fallen ill last month, and has been unable to recover. Had that fool Conroy realized this was no pretense and indeed a serious fever, Princess Victoria may have survived. However, the Duchess of Kent was now powerless to do anything but weep as she watched her daughter die.

Queen Victoria is known as one of the greatest and most influential monarchs to rule Britain. The British Empire saw great expansion under her, she oversaw political reform back in London, and Victoria is the ancestor of numerous present-day monarchs throughout Europe. Due to the massive changes that occurred both in Britain and around the world during her over 63 years of rule, we today refer to the events that occurred during her reign as the Victorian era.

However, what if Victoria was never the queen? What if she had died after contracting a severe fever at Ramsgate, before she could accede to the throne? How would things change in a world with No Victoria?




Point of Divergence

In October 1835, the then-princess Victoria did indeed contract a severe fever on a trip to Ramsgate, England. Sir John Conoy had at first thought Victoria was faking, but soon came to realize that this was serious. Had he not realized in time, however, Victoria may not have been able to recover. In this map game, this is exactly what happens, and Princess Victoria dies that November.

Rules & Algorithm

Please see Rules & Algorithm (No Victoria Map Game).


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The Game


Approximately two months since Princess Victoria's death, Britain and the House of Hanover are still rattled by the incident. Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent, banishes Sir John Conroy from the court. Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, becomes the new heir.

American settlers in the Mexican province of Texas declare their independence as the Republic of Texas. The fledgling republic even adopts a Constitution, modeled after that of the United States.

  • I intend to start the game once I have assembled a team of mods to run the game. I don't intend this game to die out before even starting the way Southern Independence did. If you would like to apply for a mod position, contact me on my talk page. Thanks. ~Orange
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