Welcome to "No to Nazism", mine (Supergamer1) and Erizium's first timelines. Thanks to MonsterPumpkin for helping us a lot in making this.

This timeline has two points of divergence (so far):

  • Benito Mussolini remains a socialist, resulting in a Socialist Italy.
  • The Fourteen Points are enacted, albeit hesitantly, by the victorious powers in the Treaty of Versailles against the German Empire and her allies, stopping Hitler's rise to power.
  • Trotsky succeeds Lenin as Supreme Soviet, leading to a different USSR.

This results in no fascism in Europe. When the Spanish Civil War occurs, the Soviet-backed Republicans win, leading to an Anti-Soviet Alliance, or ASA. This soon results in a large war against Communism due to Soviet expansionism. A second world war soon occurs, with a minor nuclear exchange.

More will come soon.

COMPLETED: Nothing yet.


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