Noman Çelebicihan
Noman Chelebicihan.jpg
1st President of Crimea
Assumed office
January 20, 1920 (1920-01-20)
Preceded by post established
Personal details
Born 1885
Nationality Crimean
Political party Milliy Firqa
Occupation President of Crimea

Noman Çelebicihan (Crimean Tatar: نعمان چلبى جهان, Numan Çelebicihan is a Crimean Tatar politician, lawyer mufti of Crimean Muslims, and the President of the Crimean People's Republic.

Early life

Noman Çelebicihan was born in 1885 in the small village of Büyük Sonaq, in Chonhar region of Crimea. His parents were İbraim Çelebi who came from a wealthy Crimean Tatar family. His mother also came from a wealthy Crimean Tatar family. During his youth he received his early education in the small village until he was sent to Gülümbey Medrese with the help of one of his uncle´s.

in 1908, Noman arrived in Istanbul, Ottoman empire where he first studied at Vefa Lisesi and later on went to a local law school. During his time in Istanbul, he resided in an area where a few other Crimean Tatars resided. There he founded the young Tatars writer association group. It was during this time that he published on of his many literary works such as the swallows prayer. He was the founder of the Crimean Tatar Student Association which later evolved into the Milliy Firqa party.

After graduating from law school, Noman returned to Crimea to get involved in the independence movement. There he was elected to represent the Or region in the Crimean Tatar Qurultay. Due to his young age and education, he was one of the most popular delegates there. In 1917, he founded the Milliy Firqa party and lat er that year during the opening of the Qurultay, he was elected the first president of the young Crimean republic.

Political Career

Çelebicihan was not only the first president of a independent Crimea and mufti of Crimea, Lithuania and Poland. He was also a famous poet and wrote the anthem of Crimea. Barely two months after being elected president, Crimea was invaded by Bolshevik forces which captured Sevastopol. Çelebicihan barely managed to escape in time and fled with the government to the city of Bakhchysarai. There he began organizing a military and began planning a counterattack to retake Sevastopol. On the first of January, 1918, the Sevastpol offensive commenced and was nearly defeated had it not been for the arrival of hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky´s forces. Together they were able to defeat the Bolshevik forces which retreated from Crimea after the capture of Sevastopol.

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