The following is a list of non-governmental organizations that exist in the post-Doomsday world.

International Organizations

Political Parties

  • British Imperial Party
  • Jefferson Nationalists - Political party in the Municipal States of the Pacific who want to form a strong central government to replace to current loose confederation of city-states.
  • Federalist Party of Virginia - Political party in Virginia, founded by James E. Thompson. Non-partisan union of former Democrats and Republicans, formed due to the banning of both parties during the turbulent early years (1987-2000).
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Survivor Aid Organizations

  • British Survivors Administration - Survivor organization whose mission is to assist British refugees throughout the world. Has a close relationship with New Britain.
  • Committee to Restore the United States of America - Survivor organization dedicated to the re-establishment of the United States of America.
  • Gawad Bayanihan - Catholic-supported charity and advocacy group based in Manila-NCR. Founded by Jaime Cardinal Sin, its goal is to promote and uphold the Christian mission for "the poorest of the poor".
  • Committee for the Establishment of a Southern State - Organization of Southern Italian refugees in Brazil, United American Republic and other places, which works to establish a democratic Neapolitan/Parthenopean State in South Italy. It is supported by many governments and the Southern Italian brigand bands. The Sicilian government considers the Brigand bands as a terrorist organization and the armed forces/branch of the Committee.

Paramilitary Organizations

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