Alternative History

In the conservative world, all is oppressive and the students attempt to make their voice heard.

17th April 1995- Henry Logos, a liberal, expresses political opinion and is punished. He sues the school, with the help of the ACLU.

1st January 1997- The Supreme Court of Texas declares that "Schools, as they are special areas of public adult interest, are to be treated differently regarding the right of the child. The school, as it sees fit, may take away all human rights if needed.", among other things. The ACLU shouts at the system, resulting in the "disappearance " and later "suicide" of its regional leaders. The Pope congratulates the ruling with a declaration of support. The Union of Students is founded by over 1000 students. The Liberation Army, a liberal militia, is very supportive.

17th January 1997- All members go into hiding in a huge strike. It is ignored, but as more and more people join the strike, with 1200 in the first week, 9700 in the second and 11,900 in the third, lunch companies start to realize that this is an indirect boycott and call for a compromise. The group later calls a demonstration, and they are brutally beaten up and hosed. The group continues to be Pacifist.

5th February 1997- The Union calls fundraisers, concerts and marches. The strike continues, and The Grand Alliance of Parents, The Headmaster Association, The Dolphin Lovers' Club, and The Popular People's League meet to discuss. A large propaganda campaign is launched by the Union, then by the Government.

19th February 1997- The liberal world is outraged by the conservatives' actions. Large protests occur for the suffrage of the child. The Pope and Republican President George Bush Senior meet and launch a joint statement against the Union.

21st February 1997- A massive anti-government strike is held worldwide against any oppressive governments. The breakdown:

Strike in USA: 5,000,000 participants.

Strike in UK: 3,030,000 participants.

Strike in Vatican City: None, but huge blockade locks the regime down.

Strike in South Korea: 500,000 participants.

Strike in Japan: 1,000,000 participants.

Strike in Hong Kong: 90,000 participants.

Strike in Italy: 50,000 participants.

Strike in France: 40,300 participants.

By regions:

Rest of Europe (Including Russia and Turkey): 4,500,000 participants.

Middle East, Central Asia and Africa: 1,000,000 participants

Rest of Asia: 10,000,000 participants.

Oceania/Pacific Islands: 600,000 participants.

Rest of North America: 500,000 participants.

Central and South America: 1,110,000 participants.

22nd February- Large demonstrations and gatherings. The Police take no action, because of the sheer majesty of the marches.