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Norfolk Naval Base was a major United States Military Base prior to Doomsday, serving much of the US Atlantic Fleet. On Doomsday it was subjected to heavy Nuclear Strikes from the Soviet Union, with reports of as many as a dozen ICBM's striking the famous port. As of March 2011, no official visits have been made to the area.


A few minutes after NORAD confirmed the Soviet Union's launch of nuclear missiles, Washington began sending warning messages throughout the US. One of the first recipients of this message was the leadership at Norfolk. The next few minutes were very chaotic as several ships attempted to escape the Harbor, and attempted evacuation of civilians on Base occurred. Several ships did manage to escape the Harbor proper, with some later joining the APA in Australia as part of the Gathering Order, but most were beached as the EMPs began to take their toll. Approximately 30 minutes after the initial warning was received, a 100 KT air burst occurred over nearby Virginia Beach. The EMP from the blast stopped most of the operations at Norfolk, leaving the remaining people there to their deaths. Within seconds several more warheads began detonating over the base and the area around it. Much of the area was flattened to radioactive ash. To this day it is not known how many bombs were dropped on Norfolk.


Before the bombs began dropping several ships, helicopters and planes managed to escape. With these survivors came reports of the possibility that units survived, and are unaccounted for. One such unit was a squadron of 12 F-4J Phantom II fighter jets that was scrambled as soon as the warning was received. The command staff of Norfolk were expecting Soviet bombers to also attack the base, and as such saw it prudent to launch fighters. However, when it became clear there would be no bombers, the fighters were ordered south in the hope they could find a base to land. This was the last time the unit was heard from, although it is likely that the EMPs knocked them out of the sky, the recent discovery of multiple nations in North and South Carolina has made many survivors and government researchers wonder about this group. Another supposed unit that survived consisted of two* Lafayette-class submarines (*Reports vary person to person) that escaped the harbor, but also never reported in. It is commonly believed that these subs were either beached when the EMPs fried their electronics, or were picked off by remaining Soviet submarine units in the days after Doomsday. Besides these "Ghost Units", many believe that the destruction of the port was complete.

Possible Exploration

Recently, there has been much talk of attempting some sort of exploration at the outskirts of the base where radiation is much lower. However, the local nations (Delmarva, Outer Banks, and Inner Banks) do not yet have the infrastructure or technology needed to attempt this. One nation that could do it is the nearby Virginian Republic but it is not trusted by the local nations. However, due to the ongoing American spring, and the possible unification of several nations into the successor to the USA, the chances for resources to become available have gone up, making it possible that a trip might be undertaken as early as 2018. Until that time, the Base will stay in isolation.

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