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Norse Civil War
Principia Moderni III
Date 1415 - 1420
Location North Germany, Jutland Peninsula, Baltic Sea, Scandinavia
Result Swedish Victory
  • Restoration of the United Norse Crown
Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Denmark Denmark

Flag of Norway Norway

  • Iceland

The Norse Civil War, also known in Scandinavia as the Four Year's War for the period in which the main hostilities took place, was a conflict among states of the United Norse Crown; Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and their respective allies, following the death of Eric of Pomerania to decide the fate of the future union.

Following the devastating Norse Wars and Norse invasions of Northern Germany, the stability of the union was at an all time low. Eric of Pomerania, king of the United Norse Crown, was killed in battle, leaving the nation with no designated heir. In response to this, all three nations of the union declared their independence, electing their own king, either to rule their respective realm or attempt to unify the nation under their own house.

After several years of fighting, causing havoc across the nation, the Swedish nation would eventually come out successful, and having successfully subjugated the crowns of Denmark and Norway under its rule, restored the United Norse Crown under Sweden.

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