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Vikings Longboat
So this is my first post on this site, however I have been conceptualizing this Alt-History for years. The point of divergence for my concept is around 1000 AD.  

Erik the Red accompanies his son Leif to North America setting into motion a chain of events that will lead to a very different modern world. 

11th Century

  • Erik arrives at Vinland claiming he has found what will be a Pagan haven. 
  • Erik sends ships to each of the Scandinavian nations urging all oppressed Heathens to make way for North America via Greenland. 

  • A mass exodus of Pagans, gladly supported by local Christian kings begin. 

  • Upon the colonists arrival Erik has found more suitable land( the Vinland settlement is still attack by natives, however Erik is more firm about setting down roots,) on what is known in our timeline as Prince Edward Island naming it Mikilejan. 

  • The Norse initially wipe out Native American populations do to the spread of illnesses like smallpox.

  • A line of Kings is set up following Erik the Red's bloodline.

12th Century

  • The Norse empire expands beginning to settle parts of Nova Scotia, Quebec and New Brunswick. The warm weather makes for fertile farms and quickly the Norse begin to set up intricate trading networks with the locals.

  • Some Natives are let into the society at this point however the Norse genes remain dominant.

  • Paganism is made official state religion, Christianity is vastly frowned upon.

13th Century

  • By 1200 AD the Norse settlements had grown quite large and search for new land had begun, the areas nearby were fertile and within grasp. Settlements along the St. Lawrence river begin, named Briedurfjord in this timeline. All of Nova Scotia is colonized and in New Brunswick and Quebec the Norse push inland, although much of their land remains along the coast.
  • Tensions begin to rise amongst the vast Pagan majority and the few remaining Christians who begin to take minor actions towards revolution. 

  • An alliance is struck with the newly formed Haudenosaunee Natives, (The Iroquois), giving the Norse a powerful new ally.

14th Century

  • The annexation of the southern Great Lakes begin as the Norse Empire expands its power. 
  • Tribe after tribe gives up their land for access to Norse Weapons and out of fear of swift defeat by the powerful Norse-Iroquois armies. 

  • Marriage between Natives and Norse are legalized rapidly increasing population.

  • Moving inland produces more food for farms also booming population. 

  • Coastal New England is settled and all of Acadia falls under Norse Control.

  • In the west Norse Expansion reaches as far as Michigan and settlements spring up on either side of the Erie and Ontario.

15th Century

  • First trade is made with the Mezoamerican Civilizations.
  • Norse War heavily with the tribes that would become the Huron Nations.

  • Populations boom and continued expansion and induction forge and Empire stretching from Southern Quebec in the North to Maryland in the South, Atlantic Ocean to the East and Lake Superior to the West.

  • Population is centered around the Great Lakes, Acadia and the Atlantic Coast.

  • Most of the Native population has now built up immunity to European disease. 

  • Aztecs are hit by it in early 1400. 

  • Norse set up Longports up and down the Atlantic Cost. Many on Cuba, Florida and Yucatan Peninsula.

  • Columbus discovers Hispaniola.

​16th Century

[PS will be finishing this soon, have detailed maps and continued timeline up to the end of World War II. Waiting for the servers to be up to upload pictures. Would love to discuss this with anyone interested and feel free to fact check me, I would love to actually turn this into a novel one day. Thanks so much for reading!]

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