Alternative History

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The second world war is almost over but the OSS believes (thanks to propaganda and counter-intelligence) that the Germans are planning to make their last stand in Bavaria from the so called "Alpine Redoubt" (an underground self-sustaining fortress). It is believed that a few hundred thousand Waffen-SS troops were manning the fortress equipped with modern and experimental weapons produced in local underground factories (which could allegedly even produce planes).

Based on this, the general staff of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force were drawing plans to send the majority of its forces to Bavaria (instead of Berlin). In April however, Lieutenant-General Kurt Dittmar decide to surrender to the allies and get preferential treatment by revealing a bombshell: the "Alpine Redoubt" was nothing more then a successful propaganda exercise.

Unfortunately for him, Dittmar is killed before surrendering and the truth remained hidden for a few more months. Most of the western armies are diverted to Bavaria (in the south of Germany), while the Russians (who did not seem to have fallen into that trap) overran Berlin and most of the northern part of Germany. The end result would be a communist occupied North-Germany vs. a capitalist occupied South-Germany.

This division has repercussions on other countries: without a West Germany serving as a buffer-zone between the eastern bloc and western Europe, Three countries (Denmark, the Netherlands & Belgium) would share borders with a Warsaw Pact member. This could mean a greater involvement from NATO into their military defence, and in turn, more political pressure on these countries' political left (covertly or not).

On the other hand, with Berlin solely in the hands of the USSR, there would have been no "air bridge" crisis or Berlin Wall.