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North America is a continent on Planet Earth. Once the land of the Powerful nations of America and Canada, these lands have fallen from glory, and many here now live a hand-to-mouth existence, even in what developed nations there are.


  • Midwest
  • West Coast
    • Rocky Mountains
    • Great Basin
  • East Coast
    • Gulf Coast
  • Old Canada


The Nations of North America can be grouped into a few major groups, based on both regions and technological advancement.

The Belt

One of these Major Groups is colloquially referred to as "The Belt". The Belt is contained largely within the former Rust Belt, but also includes Maine and Vermont. The Belt is largely technologically advanced, especially when compared to their neighbors. They have access to water treatment, electricity, and have modern economies. Examples of Belt Nations include Maine, North Ohio, Iowa, and the UPR.

Broken Banks

The Broken Banks, as they are known, are a group of City States on the coasts of former Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. They are usually fairly classist, but are economically active, engaging with trade with one another. Examples include Yale, New Yonkers, and Moorsbay by some classifications.

Insular States

The Insular States are a political term for the Appalachian States, centered on West Virginia.

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