Alternative History

This is a split of The Capitol Burns

Casus Belli

Mexico and Canada appeared to be carving up the USA in light of the attacks. President Norton warned that any referendum would be an act of war. They went to the UN saying that this was a violation of sovereignty and that the plebiscites are invalid. The ICJ ruled in the USA's favor and told Canada and Mexico to back down in three days. Mexico and Canada refused and thus brought about the war.


Mexican Front

Canadian front

UN response

End of war and US occupation of Canada and Mexico

Stephen Harper surrendered at Quebec City on August 6 2004. Congress was debating whether or not to annex the two countries. The US had 20 occupation zones (8 in Canada and 12 in Mexico).


The UN was debating on whether nor not to approve this when a bomb struck the UN building in NYC. It turns out to have been from the Free Mexico movement.