Republic of Florida
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Florida
location of North Florida

Deo Vindice (Under God, our Vindicator)

Anthem "The Bonnie Blue Flag"
(and largest city)
Other cities Pensacola, Ocala, Gainesville, Panama City, Dayton Beach and Fort Walton
  others Spanish, French, Irish and others
  others Atheism, Judaism and others
Ethnic Groups
  others Afro-American, Cubans and others
Demonym Floridian
Government Federal Presidential Republic
  legislature Confederate Congress
Area 76.663 km²
Population 1,771,077 
Established 22 February 1967
Independence from USA
  declared 22 February 1967
Currency Florida Dollar
Organizations IL, CU and others

The Confederate States of America is a American survivor state located in the former state of Florida.


The history of the Confederate States of America started in the 1967, when after five years of Provisional Republic of the Florida was founded by C. Farris Bryant, who was the last Governor of the Florida before the Third War World. The governor with the help of the National Guard, Police, Army and Air Force restored the order in the country of Loen and Wakulla, after serious riots and revolt of the population bringing by the chaos of the war. Martial Law and ration of food was declare as a necessary decision for maintain order and stability. 

After a year of isolation the Army recon squad was sent in Western Florida for see if any one survive at the war, it was discover that all the cities in West Florida survive without damage by the nuclear blast, much of that was under control of the local authority or under control of Pensacola Commonwealth, a democratic republic founded by the mayor of Pensacola, who control all the countries West of Tallahassee. The Commonwealth was also attacked by the KKK and the Black Army and thousands take refugee in the Commonwealth after the attack of the Black Army and KKK in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

The Provisional Republic of Florida have annex the Commonwealth in the 1965, when after the death of the President of the Commonwealth in the Battle of Pensacola, where the Commonwealth was defeated by the KKK with the execution of the president and the government, and also the killing of many Afro-American and Cuban refugees, and some of that was citizens of the Provisional Republic of Florida. This bring the Provisional Republic of Florida at the peaceful annexation of the countries between Tallahassee and Pensacola, after the arrive of some refugees who came from Pensacola it was knowing that KKK and Black Army leave the city after the battle, many woman and girls was rape and after killed or take with them and dozens of Afro-American were taken as slaves by the KKK. When the Army arrive the city was in chaos and with the 10% less of the original population of the 1962, after this the city of Pensacola was annexed by the Provisional Republic of Florida. 

After the taking of Pensacola the city was restructured and repopulated with the refugees from Louisiana and Alabama, and it was in the 1967 when the Provisional Republic of Florida was visited by a outside nation who wasn't in the US, a Cuban recon squad appeared in the port of Panama City, in the hope of seeing what remains of Florida after the attack on the US. After a brief speech between the PRC Coast Guard and the Cuban Capitan they vassal have the OK to enter the port, the Cubans have say at the PRC that Havana was destroyed and Fidel Castro was killed in the blast, but his brother Raul survives and now is the President of the Republic of Cuba, the Cubans have also say they have visited the Florida keys, after this the squad return in Cuba with the promise of return with a diplomatic for make a economical agreement. 

In the 1967, 105 years after the foundation of the original C.S.A. at Tallahassee was officially created the Confederate States of America or the C.S.A., with the approval of the Parliament and big surprise by the population, in majority blacks and Hispanics. But the new president elected Claude Roy Kirk Jr., a Republican member of the Congress have declared at his first speech "My dear citizens and Americans, isn't important if your ancestors was slave, slavery, soldiers of the Confederate or the Union. There is nothing to fear now, we think God have create all man for become equal and free in this land, and this is what we will do, we will not restore slavery or support that terrorist group who dishonored the memory of Nathan Bedford Forrest as the founder of the first KKK, who promote the social assistance at the Southern soldiers and at the southern population."

Under his mandate hospitals and electric was restore in all the countries, in origin under the 

A Confederate M113 in the Georgian Wasteland near Atlanta.

PRF was only available in the big city and in the villages, improved the education sector with social reforms, the expansion in Eastern Florida and the modernize of the Armed Forces.

In the 70s Eastern Florida was annexed at the Confederation, the only damaged city by a atomic bomb was Jacksonville, immediately the area was declare accessible only by the military and by the scientists, this area now is also the most poor area of the country compared to the others but is also a important area, for the presence of the port of Daytona and St. Augustine, and also for the presence of some important industries and company.

The battle and war flag of the CSA


Shipping, fishing, agriculture, are all major industries within North Florida. Trade occurs between Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Caribbean nations, European nations and City-States within the Deep South.


The small nation is frequently harassed by both the KKK and the Black Army, though maintains a weak neutrality from either organization.

Aid and military were sent to the Pontchartrain Free Zone, much to the detriment of Klan relations.

The CSA maintains good relations with the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Mexico, Caribbean nations and with most of the European nations.

The CSA in post-war Florida

They have good relations with Maine and West Texas.

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