Alternative History
People's Republic of Japan
Timeline: Divided Japan

OTL equivalent: Hokkaido and Tōhoku
Flag of North Japan
Flag of North Japan
Capital Aomori
Largest city Sapporo
Other cities Fukushima, Sendai
  others Ainu, Russian
Demonym (North) Japanese
Government Unitary single-party communist state
  Legislature National Assembly
Established 1950s
Currency Yen (JPY)
Internet TLD .jp

The People's Republic of Japan (P.R.J.; Japanese: 日本人民共和国, nihon jinmin kyōwakoku), commonly known as North Japan (北日本, kita-nippon), is an East Asian nation located in the northernmost portions of the Japanese archipelago. North Japan was established in the 1950s from the Soviet occupied zones of the former Empire of Japan. North Japan is a single-party socialist state, with the Communist Party being the primary political force of the nation. According to its constitution, North Japan is a neutral nation and a democratic republic.