People's Socialist Republic of the Philippines
Makabansang Republika Socialista ng Pilipinas
Flag of North Philippines.png Emblem of North Philippines.png
Coat of arms
Kalayaan para sa Lahat
"Bandilang Pula"
(and largest city)
Official languages Filipino and English
Demonym Filipino
Government Maoist state
 -  Party Chairman Jose Maria Sison
 -  President and General Secretary Benito Tiamzon
 -  Deputy Secretary General and Primer Leni Robredo
 -  Council Chairman Satur Ocampo
 -  Congress Chairperson Wilma Tiamzon
Legislature People's Congress
Currency Philippine People's Peso (PPP or ₱)
North Philippines, officially the People's Socialist Republic of the Philippines is a country in South East Asia constituting the northern part of the Philippine Islands. In the south it is bordered by South Philippines with three Philippine Demilitarized Zones (PDMZs) which are similar to the Korean and Vietnamese DMZs. These are located in the Islands of Negros, Cebu, and Leyte along the Tenth parallel demarcation line. Unlike the south, the north is a Sisonist-Maoist state.
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