Northern English Council
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Preceded by 1962-1986 Succeeded by
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom British Flag Alt 13.pngBPA

Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Alternate Flag of the NEC
Location of the NEC
Anthem "God Save the Queen"
Capital Middlesbrough (1962 - ?

Leeds (? - 1989)

Largest city Leeds
Language English
Legislature Council of Northern England
Currency British Pound

Northern English Council was a Nation based in the North of England after the Great Nuclear War, before being re-organised into the United Kingdom with the Southern English government in 1990.


Map of Nuclear Strikes in the British Isles (Red).

With the aftermath of the Great Nuclear War, contact in Northern England was lost from the central government. As such, various local councils started to work together as a provisional government, to oversee the distribution of resources. Much like many of surviving governments around the world, what later became known as the Northern English Council began to take over farming and other key industries in an attempt to continue a supply. Despite this, the Great Winter led to mass deaths, mainly of the old, infants and sick. Indeed, local temperatures even in the summer months dropped significantly. With these, while many towns not yet under NEC control turned to raiding, many more towns and cities started to join the NEC, ensuring better services.

However, in the summer of 1980 another, human threat was to shake the NEC, in the form of the National Republic of Scotland. After the fall of central government, it appeared that fiercely nationalistic forces had taken control of the South of Scotland, and had imposed an isolationist, Anglophobic state. When contact between the NEC and Scotland was made, relations were immediately rocky. While the NEC had already agreed to stick to the South of the Anglo-Scots border, Scotland continually ventured, raided and claimed NEC lands. This came to a heat in 1983 when a Scottish troop unit opened fire on an NEC Militia. Immediately both states started to escalate and draft, and dozens of bloody battles were fought with both sides reaching into the other’s territory, often pillaging goods and burning what they could not. This fighting continued through two winters until in 1985, the two sides agreed to a ceasefire. Both sides were allowed to carry their dead back to their countries, and a demilitarised zone was established for one mile to either side of the old Hadrian’s Wall. 1986 also saw the mass expulsion of English people from Scotland.

However, new hope was seen. That same year contact was made with the British Provisional Administration, which immediately shipped in supplies, as well as troops to prevent against any further Scottish raids. Later that year, the NEC applied to the BPA to join, which was accepted, unifying the two states. In 1990 the BPA reformed into the United Kingdom.

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