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Kingdom of Norway
Norwegian Bokmål: Kongeriket Norge
Norwegian Nynorsk: Kongeriket Noreg
Northern Sami: Norgga gonagasriika

Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Norway
Flag of Norway Royal CoA of Norway
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kingdom of Norway
Anthem "Ja, vi elsker dette landet"
(and largest city)
Other cities Stavanger/Sandnes, Bergen, Trondheim, Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg, Tønsberg, Kristiansand
Language Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk
Religion Lutheran
Ethnic Groups
  others Scandinavian Romani, Roma, Jews, Sami, Poles, Lithuanians, Somalis
Demonym Norwegian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Storting
Monarch Harald V
  Royal house: Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
Prime Minister Erna Solberg
385,203 km²
  water (%) 5.2
Population 5,295,719 
$397 billion
  per capita $74,065
Established c. 872
Independence from Sweden
  declared 7 June 1905
  recognized 26 October 1905
Currency Norwegian krone
Time Zone Central European Time
  summer Central European Summer Time
Drives on the right
Calling Code +47
Internet TLD .no
Organizations United Nations and NATO
The Kingdom of Norway is a constitutional monarchy located on the Scandinavian peninsula in Northern Europe.
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