Norwegian-Icelandic Union
Preceded by July 13 1505 - January 29 1929 Succeeded by
Kalmar Union (Coming Soon⛔️) Norway Gotland Iceland
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Rise Of The Spiritual Winter"
Capital Reykjavík (1505-1510)

Oslo (1510-1929)

Largest city Oslo (1505-1510)

Reykjavík (1510-1929)

Other cities Nuuk (1506-1929)

Ilulissat (1511-1929) Sisimiut (1511-1929)



  others Old Norse (1505-1814)

Bokmål Rikishì Russian Nynorsk Sámi Latin

Religion Church of Norway
Ethnic Group 87.876.7% Norwegians

67.828.1% Icelandic

Demonym Norway-Iceland
Legislature Personal union
Prime Minister Peder Anker (1814-1822)

Johan Ludwig Mowinckel (1928-1929)

Emperor Alexander King of Norway (1505-1528)

Haakon VII of Norway (1905-1929)

Population 3.78,287,91% 
Established Collapsed Of The Kalmar Union (1505)

Greenlandic Purchased (1506)

Starts Colonized On Trinidad And Tobago (1528)

Guiria Purchased (1529)

Trade With Swedish Empire (1548)

Newfoundland City Purchased (1588)

Starts Colonized On Senegal & Gambia (1611)

Thirty Years' War (1618)

Invasion Of Portuguese Guinea (1620)

Second Northern War (1655)

Great Northern War (1700)

A Norwegians Archipelago Discovered A 2 Overseas Islands Near Arctic Ocean Including Peter I Island & Bouvet Island (1718)

Seven Years War (1754)

Start Colonized A 25 Unclaimed Overseas Small Islands In Polynesia Zone Near Pacific Ocean (1771)

Javatown Purchased (1772)

The Great Dragon War (1784)

Napoleonic Wars (1803)

War of Finland (1808)

Invasion Of Napoleonic Monaco (1814)

First Schleswig War (1848)

Economic Growth (1851)

Second Schleswig War (1864)

Watermill & River Bridge Build (1867)

A Canada Purchased The Greenland From Norwegian-Icelandic Union (1878)

The Independent Of The Trinidad and Tobago From Norwegian-Icelandic Union (1889)

World War 1 (1913)

Eastern Front (WWI) (1914)

Invasion Of Ottoman Empire (1917)

Victory Of The Russian Empire (1920)

Joining The League of Nations (1921)

The Downfall & Collpsed Of Norwegian-Icelandic Union (1929)

Time Zone UTC+1 (CET)


  summer (DST)
Drives on the Left
Calling Code +147
Internet TLD Yes.9
Organizations League of Nations
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