Alternative History
L'État de la Nouvelle-Louisianne
The State of Nouvelle-Louisianne
Division of Federation of Texas
Official Language French
Establishment 1970

The State of Nouvelle-Louisianne is one of the three constituent states of the Federation of Texas, established in 1970 when the Federation was created. The State tends to align itself with the neighboring Kingdom of Arkansas, and a proposal to establish a monarchy in personal union with Arkansas has gained popularity in recent years.


Nouvelle-Louisianne is bordered by the Kingdom of Arkansas to the north and east, by Misuri and Aruta to the north, and Mexico to the west. Within Texas, it borders the Federal District and both of the States.

The State is divided into 15 provinces

  • Albuquerque (Japanese-speaking minority)
  • Anahuac
  • Angelina
  • Guadalupe
  • Louisville
  • Lower Brazos
  • Matagorda
  • Nacogdoches
  • Navasota
  • Neches
  • Red River
  • Red River
  • Sabine-du-nord
  • Sabine-du-sur
  • Santa Fe (Japanese-speaking minority)
  • Trinité

The Provinces of Santa Fe and Albuquerque are cut off from the rest of Nouvelle-Louisianne.

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