Alternative History
Nova Scotia and Brunswick
Flag of Nova Scotia.svg
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital Halifax
Area 128,191 sq km (49,495 sq mi);
Population 826,683 inhabitants (1962)
Establishment Date: 1 July 1867

The history of Nova Scotia is similar to the OTL but changed greatly in 1867 when it peacefully annexed New Brunswick from Canada. An independent Quebec kept New Brunswick from being contiguous with the rest of Canada so its merger with Nova Scotia was natural. United the two had a better chance of resisting the feared attempt of America to absorb the two small states.

Nova Scotia and Brunswick has close ties with the United Kingdom and allied with them during all three World Wars.


Its location near the United States, its ties with the UK, and membership in NATO led to being targeted by the Soviet Union during World War III.

Nearly 200,000 died in the nuclear strike on Halifax. Tens of thousands more died in the years afterwards from radiation and starvation.