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November Revolution
Part of The Second American Revolution
Date November 23, 1932
Location Washington, D.C., United States
Result Coup succeeded

Washington, D.C. captured by the American Workers' Party
Creation of the Revolutionary Commune of Georgetown
United States put under martial law
Beginning of the Second American Civil War

American Workers Party

Flag of Russia Russia

US flag 48 stars Provisional Government of the United States
Commanders and leaders
Sarah Leslie

Flag of Russia Leon Trotsky

US flag 48 stars John Nance Garner
500,000 civilians
2,000 soldiers
1,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
Several civilians injured

The November Revolution was a revolution and uprising lead by the American Workers Party to overthrow the United States government. It took place with an armed rebellion in the city of Washington, D.C. on November 23, 1932. It marked the beginning of the Second American Revolution.



Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, American people began turning to socialist and communist due to the economic crisis. The failed American Revolution of 1925, death of the charismatic socialist leader Eugene V. Debs and the unsuccessful presidential campaigns and later death of Robert M. La Follette put the American left and reformist in a dire position.

As part of the rebuilding after the crisis of 1925 the American Workers Party (AWP) was created. The AWP grew faster than any other political party thanks to its campaigns, propaganda and political action for a better way out of the crisis thru socialism. The AWP soon growing larger than the Republican and Democratic Parties. Under the leadership of Sarah Leslie, the members of this party grew increasingly hostile to the capitalist system and the current government leaders. Eventually, Leslie declared it was time for the eliminate the capitalist system and for the working class to seize the means of production. Gathering supporters in California and Hawaii, Leslie slowly lead party members to Washington, D.C. over a period of 6 months, while other party members traveled throughout the country, gathering more supporters in each state. Following the July Revolution on July 28, 1932, and rumors of the Businesses Plot, a supposed fascist coup, the American Workers Party was prepared to take the capital.


On November 23, party members began to takeover the city of Washington DC. Buildings with Workers Party strongholds draped with red banners and flags to mark their control under the communists and the beginning of the revolution. Waves of armed civilians and soldiers which had previously joined the AWP poured from the buildings and marched toward the Capital Building. The forces defending the building were quickly overcome and the Capital was seized. Members of the US Army and government officials were sent to prison and the city was put under control of the Workers' Party. Leslie and the leadership of the AWP subsequently declared the Revolutionary Commune of Georgetown. The flag of the United States was lowered and in its place, a red flag was raised over the Capital Building to signify the start of the socialist revolution in America


In the aftermath of rebellion, the state of California and territory of Hawaii that had significant public and political approval by their population held voted or pressured their legislatures to join the revolutionaries. After clashes that were in favor of revolutionaries they proclaimed themselves the People's Republic of California and Socialist Republic of Hawaii respectively, and declared a military alliance with the Revolutionary Commune of Georgetown. Many other states held similar actions in some being crushing wifly and some began to turn from the United States, due to the large amount of members of the AWp and allies. In response, the United States declared martial law and attempted to invade Georgetown. The attempt lead to revolts against the United States military, leading to a second civil war.

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