Новосибирск (Russian)
Flag of Novosibirsk (Vegetarian World).svg
Official language Russian
Capital Novosibirsk
Largest City Novosibirsk
Population 2,692,000
HDI 0.863 (High)
Currency Novosibirsk Ruble (NRB)
Our Timeline Equivalent Tyumen, Omak, Tomsk, Nobosibirsk, and Kemerovo Oblasts in Russia

Novosibirsk (meaning "New Siberia" in Russian) is a semi-presidential federal republic located in Northern Asia, and populated predominantly by ethnic Russians. The city of Novosibirsk was founded when the Russians moved east into sparsely-populated areas in Siberia. During colonization, Novosibirsk became more heavily populated by Russians than the other colonies. After colonization, the people of Novosibirsk voted to become separate from Russia, but with a special relationship to it.



65% Non-Vegetarian
35% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

93% Russians
07% others (Chuvash, etc)


Novosibirsk, like Russia has one of the least religious populations in the world, due to Russia's 20th century history of supporting atheism.

90% Nonreligious
74% atheist
16% agnostic
08% Christian
07% Russian Orthodox
01% other Christian
02% other


97% Russian
03% other
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