Alternative History

Welcome to the Nuclear Apocalypse.

The article is about what happened before/in/after the Nuclear Apocalypse.

The world right after the Nuclear Apocalypse. Dark grey areas are populated areas and grey areas are areas that will be colonized.


During the Lead up to the 2008 Summer Olympics, a series of major protests took place in the Chinese region of Tibet, formerly an independent nation. China was hit badly by the image, but when a Chinese submarine suffered an underwater explosion in the Straits of Taiwan on the 25th July, everything went wrong. The United States declared war on China when the Chinese invaded Taiwan, also known as Republic of China. China tried to annex Taiwan but it was no use. After the United States heard the declaration, it packed up its weapons and headed to war. The military usually stayed in it Pacific territories because China might invade it. Others stay in Alaska and mainland US. China called for its allies, like Vietnam. The US allies already knew it, so NATO, EU, Southeast Asia (except Vietnam), and the Philippines aided the US. A chaotic battle occurred. Just when China declared war on Russia for killing innocent people in Mongolia and Northern China. At this point, Russia knew that the Chinese army would be concentrated in the south east, and saw it as a chance to try and reinstate the USSR.The Russians annexed Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As they deployed troops into the baltics NATO deployed 50,000 troops to stop their advance. After seeing it was no use, they launch many nuclear missiles into Russia. Everyone prepared for this to happen, when they still remembered about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War 2. Taking advantage of the conflict, Pakistan and China launched a joint Nuclear strike upon India, which retaliated on Pakistan, all but annihilating the Country. Iran revealed its own nuclear arsenal, destroying the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, which generated a devastating response from Israel.

Just then, nuclear bombs were all over the world. Every country was devastated, but some of them managed to survive. New and old countries were formed. However, new dangers were lingering around the world. Wars were still happening, but no nuclear weapons were used in battle. Still, the reconstruction after the Nuclear Apocalypse continued.


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