With the entrance of Militant Pacifist organisations, Nuclear development both for civil use and as weaponry had been delayed several times.

December '41 Attacks

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Development of Nuclear Technology

Due to the state of research, material and personnel destroyed in the December '41 attacks, both the United States and the Soviet Union which was spying on the Manhattan Project was suffering considerable delays in nuclear development. It was therefore, at the end of the war in Europe in 1945 that both sides attempted to steal and use what technology and personnel the Germans had in their own nuclear projects. The Soviet Union, in control of large areas of Germany involving this research was the main beneficiary. Despite this however, both sides later reported that the actual advancement of progress relating to the exploitation of German research was minimal at best, with one Soviet Scientist being quoted as saying the level of German progress in the technology was "Baby Steps in comparison".

It will not be until the 50's that the first known nuclear tests were conducted. The Soviet Union claims it was testing live Nuclear bombs as early as 1952, with the United States claiming with greater evidence in 1954. Both sides, particularly the US blamed Militant Pacifists on the delay of testing. While no attacks were seen as great as those of December '41, small, pinpoint and even occasionally non-violent acts of protest against development was considered the greatest barrier to development.

Level of Nuclear Weaponry in 2009

Communist China claims to have no nuclear weapons. United States and the Soviet Union are known to have stockpiles in the hundreds, possibly thousands. The United Kingdom and France are believed to have "dozens at most". Other nations such as India and Pakistan have claimed nuclear weapon tests but has never been proven. This means that only 4 nations are known to possess Nuclear Weapons, while 2 others have unproven claims.

Civil use of Nuclear Technology

With Nuclear development being constantly delayed, Nuclear power took big hits. Use of Nuclear Civil energy is expensive and rare; as well as a tremendous security risk for all involved. Everything from the transportation of material, to the protection of the site and then to removal of waste products have to be protected by the Military against Militant attacks. With renewable energy sources still struggling to break even, the world continues to rely almost totally on fossil fuels.

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