Alternative History

POD: Cuban radars incorrectly detect a falling meteor is an American Nuclear Missile. Before this, there was suspicion because Americans were encouraging French, German, British, Italian, and other European countries to build nuclear missiles. This would send the world into a third World War.


July 26[]

  • Three Cuban radar detect a falling meteor, which was thought to be a nuclear missile. When nothing happens, tensions rise.
  • The Governments of the USSR, USA, France, UK, Italy, West Germany, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Greece, Japan, China, the Netherlands, and India are evacuated from their original country capitals due to fear of nuclear attack.

July 30[]

  • A (real) Cuban nuclear missile targeted for Washington, D. C. is knocked out by an American anti-ballistic missile. Many countries begin rushing to build new ABMs for protection from the Soviet Union.
  • President Kennedy is alerted of the attempted nuclear attack at the Capital. Mr. Kennedy decides to do nothing in the end, but orders attacks at St Petersburg, Havana, and Moscow.

July 31[]

  • Another Cuban missile headed for Jacksonville, Florida, gets in a direct hit, killing thousands of people. Though they were warned, it was too late for most of them as they only had minutes to escape the vaporize zone.
  • The US launches its own missiles as well an extra missile toward Samara.
  • The US missiles all hit their targets, excluding the one directed toward Moscow.
  • Two ABMs are completed in the US.

August 1[]

  • Britain and France finish two ABMs each. Italy completes one.
  • Russia launched half of its leftover ICBM Nuclear Missile to Britain, France, USA and Italy.
  • Though Turin now lies in ruins, other cities surprisingly avoided the attacks.

August 2[]

  • Though no nuclear activity occurs on August 2nd, a land war begins when West Germany gets off to a quick invasion of East Germany, conquering Berlin by the end of the day. Hordes of British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgian, Dutch, German, Italian and Greek troops are pushing back Russians.

AugUst 3[]

The invasion of East Germany leads to a full nuclear strike from both superpowers, which destroy all of the East Coast of the United States, Latin and South America, and the Eastern Hemisphere.

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